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Work Order Management

Decentralized data processing technologies lead to a decentralization of responsibilities and work processes. The solution is an efficient maintenance and work order management. With the Work Order Management Module of Pathfinder you will avoid multiple work because it enables you to plan, assign and document work orders.

You keep complete control over the progress of work and at the same time optimize the allocation of staff because every procedure can be assigned to exactly the right person.

The result? You will shorten your reaction time in case of customer requests, fault reports or network changes.


Features of the Work Order Management at a Glance

  • Design work orders individually and create detailed reports
  • Plan network modifications
  • Make appointments and send reminders (automatic email functions)
  • Manage orders with time, due date, and expiry
  • Log all network changes in the current documentation noting user, time and type of modification (annotations)
  • Allocate work units to staff (down to the level of individual operations)
  • Record Run feature (recording of work processes)



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Do you know the Microsoft Word® Macro Recorder?  While you are making changes in the system, Pathfinder records all your steps (record & run) and generates a work order in the background.

The respective network components will automatically receive attached notes (annotations). This is how Pathfinder clearly separates planning and implementation of network changes.  The advantages are obvious: At the planning stage, you can draft different versions of network changes and save time. Annotations help you avoid repetitions or double work both in reality and in your network documentation.

The work order management is also a great tool for planning temporary network changes, e.g. in the context of exhibitions. This tool is suitable to manage patchings (routings) and reservations of ports as well as to generate detailed patch orders.

Moreover, you can create user defined procedures, filter work orders by different criteria, and generate reports (work instructions) by the click of a button.  To assign responsibilities for different stages of work, you can break down work orders in as many sub-steps as you like.


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