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Network Map


The tool for network visualization uses information about existing connections in the network information system. Selected areas of the network can be displayed by the click of a button.

It‘s as easy as it sounds: select an active element and define the network depth. In a matter of seconds, the network map delivers a display of the network area.

What‘s special about it? The depiction of any part of the network is not limited to one active component. By request, the network map can also show the connection of several active devices in one view.





The layout algorithms of the network map display all elements quickly and optimally arranged. The user can modify the results individually and use drag & drop to move network components. Before generating the map, you can change arrangements like classification as buildings and much more.
Then save your network map for later modifications, copying or printing.



Your advantage? You don’t need CAD experience or licenses for third products.

Decide for yourself and request a non-binding trial version!

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Features of the Network Map at a Glance

  • Interactive display of network parts and easy navigation
  • Identification of line types (glass fiber, copper connections) and display of connection density
  • Choice of network depth (switch-levels)
  • Port overview for network components
  • Color coded spatial connection
  • Filter functions, e.g. masking passive network components

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