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The following roadmap refers to program updates and new features which have already been implemented. We are constantly improving Pathfinder in order to better meet our customers’ needs. We want to offer you an innovative tool that is constantly evolving to support your network documentation.

Little effort, great results.


nagios Interface to active Management Software 2017
Programs like Nagios are designed to monitor complex IT infrastructure and provide administrators with a collection of modules to supervise networks, hosts and special services. Due to popular requests we plan to implement an interface to selected network management systems in 2015 to allow administrators the use of different systems in combination with Pathfinder.


pf mobile_roadmap Market Innovation: Pathfinder Mobile available
This innovative Android APP for administrators and technicians enables you to access all your important network data right on site. You can retrieve all network connection and port status information on the go. All features are available offline, too, so you can use Pathfinder Mobile independent of the internet connection.
trassenverwaltung Cable Tray Management  available
This new feature will enable users to add cable tray points to cable trays and document cable routes.  You can add any number of cable tray points by drag & drop. The detailled documentation of utility lines ensures that any tray can be found on site, which is important for maintenance and future planning.
Zugriffsrechte Object Permissions available
The former object permission system will be broadly extended in Q3/2015. The new version will offer the additional option to define permissions at the object level. This way, the user can assign individual read and write permissions  to team members at different locations. This feature will also be available for team members with different job descriptions.


ipam IP Address Management available
You can recognize and manage the IP address space in your network and connect that data with elements of your network documentation. We just published a video on our youtube channel showing the most important features and demonstrating how Pathfinder helps administrators with IP address management.
Netzspinne Network Map – a whole new Network Diagram available
 You know from experience: It can be tedious to aggregate network data and create well-arranged network maps by hand, costing you valuable time and money. Moreover,  this type of network plan will soon be out of date. This is why we have  been working on a whole new network plan with all the must haves you provided. This feature is constantly evolving.
 gerätesymbole   Component/Network Symbols – better graphical Display Watch Video »
Pathfinder provides a large library of icons for the professional display of network devices.  The new library contains more than 40 network icons and allows you to create individual icons for your network devices. This improves graphical display in Pathfinder and increases clarity in the organization of your network.


raumausschnitte Room Sections Watch Video »
Creating room maps has never been faster: Pathfinder now creates room sections automatically – adjust them to the background drawing with a few clicks, and done. You can use different formats for your background drawings, e.g. DWG drawings or PNGs. Then save objects with network reference, documenting your IT network with spatial reference, and print room maps.
kabelfarben Cable Colors – Visualize Networks more easily  Watch Video »
We are constantly improving visualization options in Pathfinder, e.g. by adding color to your cables. This feature lets you to see network connections at a glance. Why not display uplinks in red and telephony in green? This way, you can see dependencies with one click and reduce complexity of your network data.
verschlagwortung Document VLANs 

Watch Video »

Document your VLANs in a few easy steps with Pathfinder.  We have integrated VLANs into the Pathfinder Reporting, so you can always keep track of them when you create network pathway overviews and data outlet reports.
schaltschranklegenden Cabinet Captions  available
Captions summarize essential data (IP address, thermal load, VLANs, etc.) and offers you a visual summary next to your network components.
rechenzentrumsplanung Planning Data Centers  available
Calculate and display thermal load, weight and power consumption for each cabinet or room. Pathfinder displays capacities and utilization and assists you with compliance to limits and the search for free height units.
drucken Network Documentation black on white – the new Print Features  available
Floor plans, distributor racks, room views,…with the new print features, you have maps of all sections of your network at your fingertips. Just make your selection. You can even distribute large displays on several pages. Create paper versions of your work with all the information you need.


maßstab_festlegen   Document to Scale Watch Video »
In our scaled network documentation, objects are displayed with their real size. In addition, you can easily calculate lengths and areas. This way, administrators get the information they need to plan changes in the network and to test different scenarios in advance.
netzwerkkomponenten Component Designer  Watch Video »
IT documentation includes the graphical display of a network as well as the realistic depiction of all network devices.
Use the component designer to quickly and efficiently display your components true to dimension.
netzwerkverbindungen Connection Overview/ Reporting  Watch Video »
Within seconds, you can identify the exact status of your network pathways and connections. Patchpanel or data outlet – the detailed, up-to-date connection overview comes in handy for any device, any time. You can also create connection overviews for rooms, floors or complete locations.
raumausschnitt Room Import   Watch Video »
Pathfinder supports the user with the import and positioning of rooms from DWG files. You can import all information relevant for your location within seconds from drawing files so you can easily assign IT components to floors, rooms or work spaces.
namensregeln Naming System  Watch Video »
With the Pathfinder naming system, you can skip manually assigning object names. Just set automatic naming rules to assign unique and consistent names. The automatically generated data will be accurate and uniform, reducing your effort in data collection and maintenance.