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Pathfinder Mobile

Pathfinder Mobile


Pathfinder Mobile is the first mobile Pathfinder application made for technicians and administrators of small and medium sized companies and data centers.


Pathfinder Mobile works everywhere – with and without network connection. All app features can be used in offline mode.


Update and document network paths and patch connections easily by swiping or fingertip directly on site. Thanks to the user-friendly interface.


Pathfinder Mobile is the mobile application for any Smartphone and Tablet with the latest Android or iOS versions running.

Pathfinder Mobile Geräteansicht iOS
Pathfinder Mobile Gebäudeansicht iOS
Pathfinder Mobile Schaltschrank iOS
Pathfinder Mobile Netzweg iOS
Pathfinder Mobile Suche iOS

Document IT networks with smartphone or tablet

Capture and analyze any network – on site. With Pathfinder Mobile you get access to all network information anywhere and anytime.

Mobile. Fast. Independent.
Pathfinder Mobile is the first mobile application for technicians and administrators to analyze and document networks on-the-go, online and offline. Use Pathfinder Mobile at your workplace, at the data center’s control cabinet or directly with your customers and get access to all relevant information of your IT network. Anytime and anywhere.


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Up to date.
All features can be used in offline mode, which means you can use Pathfinder Mobile even if there is no WiFi or mobile connection.

Right on site.
Mobile access to all network connections and port conditions. With Pathfinder Mobile you can easily remove, connect and document patch cables directly at the control cabinet.

Every detail.
If necessary Pathfinder Mobile generates detailed views of all network levels (floors, rooms, network components) and even detailed control cabinet views.

Scan information easily.
Thanks to the integrated NFC-Tag (Android only) or the barcode scan feature you can get any device information within seconds.

To use Pathfinder Mobile for your network documentation the full licensed version of Pathfinder is necessary. Just add Pathfinder Mobile as a module to use it on your iOS or Android device.

In case you aren’t a Pathfinder customer yet, you can simply download the app and use our demo content.


With Pathfinder Mobile you can generate graphic rack views. You get current information to every network levels at any time. Track signals to identify involved IT assets and cable paths out of and into your racks.

Search & Find

Pathfinder Mobile comes with a full-text search for all objects. This feature together gives access to all components and information and simplifies the daily data center workflow.

Signal Paths

View and track the complete signal path from beginning to end. Signal tracking is available on any device and includes the equivalent IN- & OUT-ports.


Pathfinder Mobile not just comes with serval viewer features. You are able to patch and unpatch important paths fast on site. All changes will be synced immediately.

control cabinet pathfinder mobile

full-text search pathfinder mobile

signal paths pathfinder mobile

patch pathfinder mobile


In the forthcoming months the following features will be launched on Pathfinder Mobile:

  • Order management
  • Equipment inventory 

Capture and analyze your network on-the-go

If you would like to use Pathfinder Mobile in addition to your existing Pathfinder package, just contact us per contact form below. As soon as the module is activated, you can download the app for free and connect it with your existing data.

Do you have further questions regarding Pathfinder Mobile? Please feel free to contact us as well.
Thanks for your interest.


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