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Welcome to our Showroom

Here you will find tutorials, screenshots and additional information concerning Pathfinder, its features and and modules. Feel free to get your own picture of our software instead of reading manuals!

Pathfinder Videos

In our video tutorial section we inform you about network and IT documentation. Here you can learn how to use Pathfinder to visualize and manage IT and TC networks. Feel free to check out Pathfinder intro tutorials as well as tutorials for advanced users. All videos are presented in German!

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Pathfinder Screenshots

Get an impression: In this section, you can find selected screenshots of Pathfinder in action. To offer you an extensive overview of our software, we provide some insights of the user interface, many program features and the different Pathfinder Modules.

Click on one of the images to open the gallery, where you can see all screenshots at a glance.


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Pathfinder Mobile

Create and manage your network documentation on the go with Pathfinder Mobile. The mobile application is available to full-license customers and it runs on mobile Android and iOS devices. With Pathfinder Mobile, networks can also be managed offline and on the go. Below is a selection of screenshots of the mobile app for tablets and smartphones.

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Are you interested in a specific feature, but cannot find videos or screenshots? Just contact us.
We will be happy to walk you through any Pathfinder feature in an online presentation.