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Licensing Model

Pathfinder is used by commercial and government customers throughout the world with diverse needs in documenting and managing data centers and enterprise IT infrastructure environments. Over 300 customers have already made their decision and are using Pathfinder for cable management and network documentation. We offer different licensing types and individual extensions. Thus, Pathfinder is made to perfectly adapt to the requirements of your company.



Benefit from our additional extensions and adapt Pathfinder perfectly to your requirements. You buy an individual solution and only pay for what you really need.


With an active maintenance contract you always receive the latest software versions, including all new developments and bug fixes. And we offer you even more: Our support team will personally assist you with all your questions about Pathfinder.



How many devices can I manage?
There is no restriction for you as a user independent of your respective license. You can document any number of network sockets, computers or server rooms.
Why do we need maintenance?
First and foremost, you benefit not only from all product updates, but also from all new versions of Pathfinder. Additionally, we provide comprehensive support (via e-mail or telephone) and offer new device templates upon request.
Are updates included?
For single and multi-user licensing, updates are covered by the maintenance fee. In the rental version, all updates are already included. The maintenance fee is 20% of the sum of all individual licenses (list price without discounts).
Do I have to pay extra for device templates?
No. All templates to graphically map your network are already included. Currently, our device library contains more than 10,000 templates. If maintenance is active, new device templates are also created upon your request. Please contact our support.
How many licenses do I need?
How many employees will access Pathfinder in your company at the same time? We provide our licenses based on a concurrent-user model, i.e. the number of licenses purchased determines how many employees can work with the program at the same time (reading or writing). Get in touch with us. Our salesteam will be happy to advise you.

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