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Advantages of IT Documentation

59% of all network errors are caused in the physical layer.

A software for IT documentation and cable management prevents errors like these and turns IT- and TC- structures into a market advantage.

Pathfinder helps you document and manage all your IT and TC networks. Thus Pathfinder supplements classical network management systems (NMS) for active network technology monitoring. All network levels can be displayed including the so called layer 1 or physical layer. Pathfinder users are able to document the whole network including all passive network components like lines, cables, patch cables, plugs with just one software.

Additionally, Pathfinder helps you reducing your running costs in the long run. Why? With a professional network information system you create sustainable transparency in your network.



Make sound decisions
Pathfinder gives you a complete and current summary of all data. It regulates access to all critical information to give you more security. This helps you make the right decisions.
Manage Errors professionally
In case of an error, Pathfinder delivers information on the cause of the fault. Thanks to the software the parts and components concerned can be identified immediately.
Make your network a safe network
Plan a network which will be safe in the future. With Pathfinder you can test your plans early on. If you document the physical layer 100%, you can optimize the data transfer in your company in the long run.
IT operations according to ITIL®
Documentation of the physical layer is part of the Configuration Data Management Base. CDMB is the basis for IT operations according to ITIL. Regulations like ISO 9001:2000 require a complete documentation of the physical layer as well as Euro-SOX or Basel II. With Pathfinder you comply efficiently and quickly with these requirements.

Facts & Figures

Research has shown that approx. 40% of all ports in company networks are not in use (Forst & and Sullivan).

Networks fail at an average of 70 times a year, and 59% of the failures are caused by the physical layer (Sun Microsystems).

In German companies, 84%  of the faulty systems are critical for the company‘s business (Coleman Parkes).

  • Number of idle Ports 40%

  • Physical Layer as cause of Error 59%

  • IT failures relevant to business 84%