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Cable Management Software: Document, Plan, and Test Connections

Retrieve network pathways, manage port status and document your cables. Pathfinder supports every step in cable management and enables you to completely document all network pathways “on the go”,  parallel to your day-to-day business.

  • Signal tracking for all devices and cables
  • Document primary, secondary and tertiary cables
  • Document LAN, MAN, WAN and GAN
  • Manage cables of multiple locations
  • Display phone and electricity networks
  • Plot your entire physical network pathway with all passive intermediate distributors (panel, outlet, rail etc.)
  • Common cable types are  ready to use
  • Extensive print, report and export functions

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Intelligent Patching

Using Pathfinder, you can document the configuration of switches and distributors or preplan and test changes in patching conveniantly.

  • Visual and interactive display of patchings with cable colors of your choice
  • Display of port status (patched, reserved, defect, available)
  • (Re) patch by Drag & Drop
  • Plausibility check (plugs, cricuits etc.)
  • Patch lists and port overviews
  • Map cable sharing and port splitters
  • Automatic naming of patchings with user defined naming rules
  • Assistants for single and multiple patchings

Network Management

Pathfinder offers extensive functions to document and monitor networks. You can collect and visualize  information about the properties and utilization of the complete network and generate reports. Special features help you plan and organize your network and speed up monitoring performance and detecting errors.



Use Pathfinder to manage IP addresses of your network and connect data with elements of your IT documentation.


Order Management

Avoid multiple work and shorten your reaction time with Pathfinder’s efficient maintenance and order management.

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VLAN documentation with Pathfinder: Display tagged / untagged VLANs or determine which device is associated with which VLAN.

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Interrogate devices via SNMP and extract information on port name, status, utilization, and activities of an active component.

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Catalog – Component Library

Pathfinder includes a free library with more than 5000 components, which you can access online any time and extend according to your needs.

  • Realistic picture down to the millimeter of active and passive devices with ports, slots and internal views and connections
  • Individual display format and adaptions possible
  • Support: Have new components created free of charge
  • Designer for individual adaption of components
  • Online catalog of components

  • Describe the structure of cables with bundles, supported line types and connections
  • Individual definition of port, slot, and line types as well as transmission quality
  • Add additional information: SNMP-Mibs, height units and measurements, graphics, documents, weight, temperature or power.

IT Asset Management

With Pathfinder, companies can document and visualize their IT fast and comprehensively. The software enables you to map the complete network infrastructure including all physical IT assets and add organisational or financial data.

  • Visualize the location: buildings, floors, rooms
  • Complete documentation of active and passive network infrastructure
  • Display of devices with different modularisation
  • Active components like servers, storage or virtual machines
  • Display of the port level (ports, allocation, status etc.)
  • IP addresses, sub networks, VLANs
  • Create inventory lists with the Pathfinder reporting

Installation place and time are saved for every device. Additionally, you can enter information on cost center, maintenance details, and documents like measurements and test protocols. Pathfinder also offers complete histories with an automatically generated, unchangeable protocol noting the time of the process and the person conducting it.





Pathfinder means managing your cabinets down to port level including all cables. As an administrator and data center manager you can display rack views realistically with more than 5000 IT assets to use modularly.

  • Interactive display of cabinets including all IT assets
  • Visualisation of port connections and port status (available, reserved, defect)
  • Drag & Drop operations (modification/move)
  • 4 manageable levels per cabinet
  • Visual build-in of components
  • Display of all patch connections
  • Cabinet captions showing device name, key data etc.

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Plan your Data Center – DCIM

Get an overview of the valuable resources of your data center. Pathfinder supports you with core topics like IPAM, connectivity or cabling and allows for complete documentation of the data center infrastructure.

  • Calculate and display rack utilization
  • Plan cabinets: Simulate modifications and extensions
  • Change Management: Move components across the data center
  • Printable cabinet manuals
  • Store consumption values and limits considering power consumption (kW), weight and heat radiation (BTU)
  • Reporting: cabinet population, connection lists
  • Realistic display of cabinets including all IT assets
  • Top views of data center room plans

Create Network Pathways

It’s up to you how extensively you scan your network. Generate active and active/passive displays of partial networks, e.g. all devices in a telephone system.

  • Interactive display of partial networks
  • Selection of network depth
  • Drag & Drop operations
  • Place free elements (reference to rooms etc.)
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  • Display not limited to active technology
  • No CAD license or licenses for third products necessary
  • Conveniant print function

Visualize Networks

Are you looking for a tool to visualize all information in your network and create useful maps and plans? From the top view of your data center to plans of a location at a glance – with Pathfinder, you can document your IT network visually and with graphic support.

  • Interactive signal pathway
  • Schematic display of networks and connections
  • Network Map Engine, also for logic topologies
  • Location, floor, and room plans
  • Realistic display of cabinet structure, including all IT assets
  • Graphics library with component symbols
  • Display of port status
  • Visualisation of rack population
  • Graphic display of all physical network pathways
  • Network documentation to scale

Networks and Graphics

Pathfinder delivers interactive displays of your network and a variety of graphics choices. Whether you like to use signal pathways, document dot-to-dot-connections at room level or work with rack views, this software supports you every step of the way.

  • Sensitive graphics: retrieve database information directly
  • Graphical navigation by clicking on drawing elements
  • Connect data base elements and drawings by Drag & Drop
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  • Integrate different types of drawing files
  • No CAD knowledge or third party licenses necessary
  • Many different print functions

Pathfinder Mobile

Monitor and analyze your network – on site. Pathfinder Mobile (Android) supplements your desktop solution and enables you

to document your network and manage your data center on the go.  This APP supports you in the work place and creates completely new work experiences.

  • View your documentation offline: Access all important information
  • NFC/RFID support (reading/writing)
  • Barcode scanning
  • Detailled views of all network levels
  • Create and remove patch connections
  • Synchronize with the Pathfinder server (https)
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Import Inventory Data

Do you already have large amounts of data in Excel files? Great! Save time and use Pathfinder for quick and easy import of existing information.

  • Assistant for csv list import (e.g. device lists, cabinets etc.)
  • Import line connections (cables and patchings)
  • Import devices from the online catalog or from XML definition files

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SNMP – Live View of Active Technology

The SNMP module processes information of your active technology. Retrieve status information in real time or use the live view for active components to update or check your network documentation.

  • manageable SNMP login information for every component
  • Live view: see port availability, status, IP and MAC address and VLAN (if supported by the device)
  • Manage MIBs by component type
  • MIB-Browser with query of SNMP single values


Would you like an overview of all data outlets on one floor or all connections of one distributor? The Pathfinder reporting delivers meaningful, detailled reports about different aspects of your network.

  • Predefined reports for: network pathways, patchings, lines, pathway ends, device lists and connections
  • Individually design your own reports with the rule assistant
  • Save and export
  • Free definition of SQL reports

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