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Pathfinder Modules

Due to its modular software architecture, Pathfinder adjusts perfectly to business specific needs. You won’t buy a non-specific tool or any functions you don’t need on a daily basis.

Learn more about the Pathfinder modules and select the extensions that are perfect for your business.

Network Map

Visualization Tool delivers whole Network Displays

Decide how extensively to scan your network! Active and passive displays of network parts are generated automatically, e.g. all devices of a telephone switchboard.

SNMP Query

SNMP Module processes Information of active Technology

Request information in real time and use the live view of active components to update or check your network documentation.

Work Order Management

Work Order Management plans and logs Relocations

Record all maintenance on your network so you can always follow who made which changes and when.

Graphics Module

Module integrates Drawings and uses existing Elements

Document your network based on drawings and add graphics to each network level (location, floor, room) according to your needs.