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Cable Management Software

Document, Plan and Test Cable Connections

With Pathfinder, you can display network cabling to scale, patch cables, place patch cables in cabinets or view network pathways. In all these steps, Pathfinder supports and enables you to completely document all network connections on the go, not disturbing your day-to-day business.

A cable management software does not only document the connections in your IT- and TC- network, but allows you to plan new patchings conveniently and use the test routines of the cable management system.

Start today! Analyze and manage your network – from location to fiber.


Cable Management

  • Individual definition of port, slot and connection types as well as transmission quality
  • Description of cable structure with bundles, supported connection types and sockets for lead and patch cables
  • Display cable sharing and Y-connections, e.g. AMP

Cable Networks

  • Document primary, secondary and tertiary cabling
  • Display LAN, LWL, WAN, telephone and electricity connections
  • Create routings, patch and line connections

Other Functions

  • Navigate interactively within your network
  • Extra graphic feature: Cable colors


  • Cable Sharing

    Kabelmanagement-Software, Video

    With Pathfinder, you can display complex network connections and document idle strands in network cables.

  • Connection Overview

    Kabelmanagement-Software, Video

    Die Pathfinder-Verbindungsübersicht ermittelt auf Knopfdruck Netzwege und gibt einen Überblick über Netzwerkverbindungen von Ports, Geräten, Räumen oder Gebäuden.

  • Cable Management

    Kabelmanagement-Software, RZ-Management, Video

    Part#4 of our tutorial series offers features and work steps in the cable management section.

  • Import Data

    Kabelmanagement-Software, Video

    Part #2 of our tutorial series demonstrates the import of previous infrastructure data as well as line and patch connections.


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