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Document Data Centers

Rechenzentren dokumentierenProfessional Data Center Management

Pathfinder is a flexible solution for professional data center management.
You can document all your IT infrastructure in the data center and server rooms, from cabinet to line card. Active technology and passive cabling can be completely documented, visualized and consulted for reports by the user at any time.

More than a drawing: In contrast to conventional drawing programs, Pathfinder does not only visualize the server rooms, but also allows reporting in real time.

For example the software offers quick help in the case of limit compliance.

Pathfinder users are able to check planning conditions for inconsistenciesin real time, find free resources and optimize cabling.

Analysis & Planning

  • determine capacities and utilization
  • limit compliance
  • search for free height units
  • manage moves and changes of the infrastructure
  • administer and organize work orders (work order management)
  • stock inquiry via SNMP



  • plan rack layouts
  • create detailled cabinet views with drag&drop
  • use the designer tool for individual layouts of terminal devices (with ports, slots and internal connections)
  • display all server components (including routers, switches, firewalls)


Active Technology

  • manage modular network devices (line cards, Gbics, blades, power supplies)
  • more than 4.000 accurate templates of leading manufacturers as a free download
  • designer tool for individual layout of active technology
  • define services like VLANs up to port level (tagging system)


Other Features

  • interactively display network pathways (including patch and line connections) and use them for navigation
  • create room plans – exact documentation of distributor locations



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